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Laptop Safe is the solution to laptop theft, it protects your company’s or your personal computers and data discreetly and effectively.

Laptop Safe is an innovative solution in laptop security designed and tested to reduce laptop theft.

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Over the last few years we have seen a huge upturn in the use of laptop computers from one-man operations to multi-nationals, hospitals and schools.  Unfortunately, this has led to a consequent rise in laptop thefts from offices and vehicles.  We are proud to offer our new in-house designed and built Laptop Security Safes. Because we manufacture on the premises we are able to offer a tailor-made service for large batch orders, as well as our off-the-peg range.

   Our Company has suffered several thefts of laptops over the last few months. This has generated alot of concern over the data which has gone missing. The LaptopSafe is an excellent solution in solving this problem.    

Graham Jones
IT Manager
Arkitec Solutions

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laptop safe, laptop security laptop safe, laptop security
Phoenix CL62 Security Case | Laptop Safe Laptop Safe CL62:

The Phoenix CL62 laptop case range is not only stylish but also extremely durable with its aluminium body and ABS panelling. It also comes with a high security detachable cable allowing the case to be secured to any fixed point...



Narrow Isle Laptop Trolley 2 Doors for 8 Laptops | Laptop Safe Narrow Aisle Laptop Trolley:

As laptops increasingly need to be moved effective trolleys provide mobile charging facilities for laptops



Secure IT Safe | Laptop Safe Laptop Storage Locker:

With the number of laptops used by both range of Laptop Storage products provides cost effective lockable storage for laptops and laptop accessories..


The value of IT losses is generally underestimated, with the real value of the contents of the laptop being difficult to assess. The chance of a stolen laptop being recovered is virtually nil ! 

Last year around 100,000 laptops were stolen from vehicles, that’s over 270 laptops per day and 6.2% of vehicle insurance claims were the result of laptop theft.

The main benefit of your laptop is its portability which is also its main weakness, companies suffer the data loss and time and costs to:

  • Repurchase the laptop
  • Calculate the loss of critical data and work - laptop contents is estimated at 2000 hours of work
  • Cost of non-productive time to replace, reinstall and reconfigure a replacement laptop
  • Downtime 2-3 weeks until user is back up and running

LaptopSafe is the solution to laptop theft. Manufactured from steel with a strong locking mechanism and unique steel cable and locking bolt – virtually impregnable – no tools or expertise required to fit. LaptopSafe is an effective deterrent – buy your peace of mind today.

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